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Since 1994, we have designed DIGIMET metronome products with cutting-edge, innovative features to meet the needs of the most demanding music instructors. In fact, DIGIMET metronome products were:

  • First with a wireless remote for easy operation from anywhere in the room.
  • First with a bright, easy-to-read digital display.
  • First with a metronome model with on-board rechargeable batteries for indoor and outdoor practice.
  • First with a metronome model with on-board wireless microphones and transmitters (single and dual channels).
  • First with the most powerful, all-inclusive metronome for large-scale field practice.
  • First with an additional PA system option that pairs with our metronomes for a powerful wall of sound.

From the middle school orchestra to the largest collegiate marching band, DIGIMET has a tool to raise the bar for your band’s performance. After all, in the pursuit of performance excellence…timing IS everything!