The powerful, wireless and digital tool for precision performance

D4 is our elite, super-programmable indoor/outdoor metronome and rehearsal machine. This cutting-edge metronome is loaded with innovative, industry firsts!

  • Rugged construction for reliability on the job
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor use
  • Speaker mount fits most standard speaker stands
  • Re-chargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours (depending on accessories)
  • Self contained amplifier (140 watt peak)
  • Wireless, interference-free RF remote, controllable up to 300 feet
  • Beat Subdivisions 2X through 9X
  • Accents can be added within available subdivisions
  • 100 presets (can be manually recalled on the downbeat)
  • 100 linked presets (can be used to store an entire piece or show)
  • 100 looped presets
  • Program tempo changes
  • Programmable accent on the first beat of each measure
  • 4+ octaves of audible chromatic tuning pitches
  • 9 pitch tables (A436-A444)
  • Option for high or low pitch click for main pulse
  • Available with single or dual-channel wireless microphone systems (hand-held, lapel or headset)
  • Control as many add-on units as desired from a single remote control
  • Output for external amplification: multiple D4s and DigiVoice units and wireless microphone systems can be synced to provide a "wall of sound" dispersed throughout a football field!

DIGIMET products are available exclusively thru our dealers.

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